Living "Green"

A very interesting and thought provoking article about environmental impact that we leave can be found on “Live Hack” website. Here is the permanent link

Most of us in USAmerica live in an environment of conspicuous over-consumption. We live like that because it is the only way we know how to live and most of us cannot even imagine what and how we can do differently. The article on “Live Hack” articulates some really interesting ideas…

As our Spaceship Earth runs out of natural resources (petroleum, clean water), the author of the post makes it abundantly clear that there are ways we can change…

Awesome reading…

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Welcome to my "triple w's." My name is Asher. Ethnically I am Jewish, I was raised as an atheist. I immigrated to USAmerica in 1980; English is my second language. I found God in 1985; as a result I am a follower of Jesus and a United Methodist Pastor. In my personal life I am a husband to Debbie and an object of adoration to two cats: Rachel and Leah. Age: as old as dirt. I wove the basket that Joshebed used to set baby Moses afloat in the reeds of the Nile (Exodus 2:3). As middle-aged man I gave the Magi directions to Bethlehem. {at least this is MY story and I am sticking to it :) }

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